Thursday, June 17, 2010


O.K. Back in business. New camera has arrived and if the rain will let up for a couple of hours and let the sun shine thru, I’ll get out there and actually use it.

I’m very excited, but still reading up on it. Peyton, Paige, Reese – BEWARE. Aunt Jame needs to practice and you know what that means right? You guessed it, gonna need some models ;)

Here are some pictures I took with the Sony before the Canon came in. I really do like that camera. It is very handy and has a great zoom, and there aren’t a ton of lenses to lug around. But, I like to have a little more control. So, Canon T1i, nice to meet you.


micah1month4 Micah 1 month

micah1month3Daddy picked out my clothes

DSC02074Mommy likes my piggies

DSC01950 Paige’s self portrait


Brooke, Peyton, Paige, Lauren at the Homeschool Talent Show


Reese wasn’t overly impressed. Aunt Jame was


Paige at the piano recital, great job!


Peyton introduces herself at the mic. Excellent


Peyton, 4 hands on the piano with her teacher, perfect!DSC02013Reese’s cheeks and toes with blankie


Piggies in a blanket?


Pretty blue eyes sitting in a boppy at Aunt Jamie’s


Cubbie gives Reesie a little pooch smooch. Love this one!


Fran R. said...

so glad you are back in business with the new camera. have fun.

Sandy said...

I hadn't seen these!