Saturday, June 19, 2010

JUNE 19, 2010 1st Swim meet

Here are the first pictures from the new camera. Today was the first swim meet at Turtle Run. It was very sunny and very warm. The girls did great. James and Reese joined Sandy, Mom, Brittany, and me in the cheering section towards the middle of the meet. Baby needs her beauty sleep. She was in a really good mood despite having a cold this week. She also started crawling this week! Most of the time she goes backwards, but hey moving is moving. Here are a couple shots from the day.


Paige gets ready for the backstroke. She ALWAYS knows where the camera is :)


Reese and James join the party


Reese wakes up happy to see Mama


Peyton doing the butterfly. She is very fast


Peyton pushes off for the backstroke


Paige shoves off

IMG_0277 IMG_0259



Cousins celebrating a BIG Turtle Run Victory!! Way to go swim chicks!

Here are the rest of the pictures. Lauren and Brookelyn star with Peyton and Paige and Reese, and Faith and Joshua.

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