Monday, May 25, 2009

INDY 500

Brooke and I went to the Indy 500 Sunday. It was HOT!!! I’ve been for the past several years, but this was her first 500. We had seats in the Paddock between victory circle and the start/finish, right in front of driver introductions. I got some pretty good pictures of the drivers, except for the front row. It was a blur of red. Pitiful pictures really. But, in my defense, Dario Franchitti who’s my favorite driver was on the front row. I guess I was excited and a little shaky, because they stink. I did get some good ones after the intros though. Brooke did get some thankfully. She knows I tend to freak out a little. We were right in front of Florence Henderson (Mrs. Brady), and Jim Nabors (Gomer). That’s always fun, even though they’re like 70 and I’ve seen them every year. Usually I cry during the Star Spangled Banner and the salute to the troops and the balloon lift off and the prayer and the gentlemen start your engines. I know, I know, pathetic. Sports makes me emotional, ok. Evidently the heat got to me this year because there were no tears. There was sweat instead. Gross, I know that too. Dario’s wife is Ashley Judd, so she and her sister Wynonna were there. Mario Lopez from saved by the bell and Miss America were there. It was a fun and funny day. You just have know idea what you’ll see on race day! Absolutely CRAZY! Absolutely exhausting. Every year I say I’m watching it on tv with air conditioning and decent bathrooms, and every year I buy a ticket. Who knows about 2010. Here’s a few pictures. I’ll probably post more later. I think I may qualify as a stalker I took so many pictures. They’d have been easier without the lady in front of me sticking her big head in the way all the time, or if I’d have grown about a foot before the race.Dariointro1 DarioKanaanDixonRahal1 RichardPetty1 Richard Petty

MarioLopez1 Mario Lopez

Danicaintro1 Danica Patrick

wynonnajudd Wynonna Judd

ashleynwy Ashley and Wynonna Judd

dariobuttandashwy Dario, Ashley, Wynonna


IMG_8016 LOVE the flyover

DickieV1 Dick Vitale

Balloons1 Balloons let go

happyhands Helio, victory #3 at Indy





Well, I haven’t posted for a while because grandma died and I wasn’t quite sure what to say about it. She was 91 years old and I’ve lived with her for 3 1/2 years. She loved red so that’s what’s up with the type color. She adored Peyton and Paige. She liked Sandy’s dog Ella and wasn’t particularly fond of my excitable, non-lap puppy who tried to bite her toes. She liked really nice, quality shoes, and used to have a ton of them. She was not happy living in the condition she was in the last few months. She hated not being able to find the words or remember things. She was ready. That’s comforting, knowing that she was saved and is waiting in heaven. Here are a few pictures of her that I like. She’d let me or the girls put anything on her. :)april 09 128

april 09 159


Picture 012

Picture 030