Sunday, July 20, 2008

More Library Pictures

Forest Glen
Kickapoo Stables
James and Sandy
Here are a few more pictures that are at the library.

girls and ella

Peyton and Ella

Paige and Ellie

Girlies together
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Indy Beach w/ my best friend since age 4!!! Marsha, and her husband Richard and kids Em and Phillip

BFF Marsha, the picture I took of Richard was horrible, so I decided not to publicly humiliate him. nice of me huh
Peyton, Phillip, Paige
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Friday, July 18, 2008

off road'n

Joe in blue, at the badlands
gettin a little air
o.k. so, this is the front, right??!! ;)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

More to go with Turkey Run Post

These pictures go with the Turkey Run post. I haven't quite figured out how to add a picasa album yet. Hafta ask San tomorrow.
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Turkey Run (and walk, and fall, and climb, and cry for just a minute!)

I took an advantage of a free afternoon from Grandma sitting and headed out to Turkey Run with my camera. I went alone, left the map safely in the car. I started out on trail 6, nice and safe, good views. Then on the advice of 2 elderly people using canes I went to see the suspension bridge. I worked up the nerve to cross it, and that's when everything went wrong. Somehow I ended up on trail 3. Those of you who know the trails are probably laughing about now. Remember, I'm carrying 25lbs of camera equipment and we'd had like 4 feet of rain in the past 2 weeks! So, I had to wade through some creek, scale a few rocks, fall several times trying to find the trail which was now completely a mud hole! I saw a few people who looked smart and decided to follow them. NOT a great move on my part. They lead me straight to the camel's back. This is a DEAD END people!! It also looks nothing like a camel. Is this some Indiana joke? So, I ditched the non-smarties and headed off on my own. It was about this time that the sky darkened, the rain started, and the lightning began showing off. That's when the sniffles started, and I figured someone would find my body in the next few days. O.K. maybe I'm borrowing a little of Lydia's dramatics, but I was pretty pathetic right then. Eventually I made my way back to the swaying death bridge. I was the only one on the bridge what with all the lightning!. I thought the white flag was waving and the finish line in sight (go JR.). I struggled up the hill thinking I was coming up behind the Inn where I parked. Nope. I was behind the Nature Center and swimming pool. I felt like Magellen circumnavigating the world. (more dramatics) So, I walked around the pool, then the tennis courts, then the 50 acre field of grass, and finally found my car! Oh, did I mention breaking both my shoes somewhere along the way? The soles on both shoes were about 2/3rds the way ripped off. So, if you didn't walk just right you'd trip over your own shoes. Anyway, I made it home safely. Dirty, grimy, soaking wet, and a little grumpy. Got some neat pics though.

8 year olds at work

Peyton and Paige (who knows.. she's a little nutty)
Ripped baby backs. Must get that from their dad
Peyton winning the back stroke

Peyton and Paige absolutely LOVE swimming! Personally, and I admit bias, I think they're great. Paige dives in like a pro, and Peyton slices through the water like it's butta. (that's for all espn me) Peyton tends to take the competition a little more seriously, which she comes by honestly :) Paige loves to swim, but doesn't mind having a little fun while she's at it. All in all, it makes for a fun EARLY saturday morning. Dad usually stays behind to keep an eye on Gee Gee for me. Here are a couple of pictures showing both competitiveness and light heartedness.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

On Display

Some of my favorite pictures from the last year are on display at the Westville, IL library during July and August. Here are two. I'm new at the blogging game, so be patient as I learn.