Monday, June 29, 2009

O.K, So these pics I really liked

You can see more if you click on the slide show below. These are just a few of my favorites. J                             IMG_9026  IMG_9064

IMG_8771 IMG_9087

IMG_9046 IMG_9071

IMG_8825     IMG_8932

IMG_8971 IMG_8796

IMG_8821 IMG_8878

IMG_8999 IMG_9005

IMG_9027 IMG_8821

Alright, alright. Give me a break. Maybe I had trouble narrowing it down to a few! :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cubbie gone wild

IMG_8688 take a flying leapIMG_8689 heading 4 me at top speedIMG_8696 IMG_8702 chewing on a mini tennis ballIMG_8647 harness or chew toy, you decideIMG_8649 IMG_8650 IMG_8655 I think he likes my pedicureIMG_8659 he loves the unstuffable toyIMG_8662 IMG_8666 IMG_8670  IMG_8686 he fetchesIMG_8687 preparing for take off

  IMG_8676 Superman

Thursday, June 11, 2009

1st Swim Meet

Here are a few pics from the girls 1st meetIMG_8476 Peyton IMG_8477 PaigeIMG_8551 LaurenIMG_8474 BrookelynIMG_8488 Peyton-backstrokeIMG_8529 Paiger dives inIMG_8498 Lauren-backstrokeIMG_8561 BrookeIMG_8490 Little Sandy :)IMG_8513 Peyton

IMG_8502I don’t technically know this little girl, but I love this picture. She’s a little doll.      IMG_8625 Peyton and SandyIMG_8624 Paige n San blurry, sorryIMG_8631 LaurenIMG_8480 Brooke


CUBBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH, CUBBIE IMG_8472

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cubbie Videos

He’s a crazy pup. Paige calls him the “little jumpy dude”. It fits!


Here are a few pictures from Brookes camera at the race. She didn’t suddenly have the shakes when Dario walked out, thankfully :)dariohelio brookeatyardofbricks

darioryanhelioashley pagodaonraceday

johnandretti hidarioyesillmarryyou

I like to think he’s waving at me. Don’t burst my bubble