Sunday, June 27, 2010

Can You Believe that Reese Madelyn is 7 months??

Got to spend a few hours with Reesie today yesterday (after midnight) while Sandy worked and James was playing softball in 94 degree weather. Insane if you ask me. When I was 15 and playing softball sure, but not now! Sooo, since I did get that nice new camera, and since I am still kind of learning it, and since Reese did turn 7 months this week I decided to take a few pictues.
Reese woke up babbling to herself, all happy smiles. If you know her, you know this doesn’t always happen, but today it did and I took full advantage. We took some pictures Friday evening in mom and dad’s backyard. I don’t really like them though. They are a little underexposed. I’ve been playing with them some, and am just not satisfied. Saturdays pictures i LOVE! I decided to get up close and personal. You know how I love individual baby parts. So, here are a few. Off to Springfield in the morning to visit James’ grandma and aunt with the whole fam. Hope Reesie is in a traveling mood:)

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Fran R. said...

great post and pics. thanks for sharing.