Thursday, May 20, 2010

Here are a few pictures to look at until…….

I can save up and buy a new camera and some lenses. Mine was stolen. From a Church. Yep, that’s right, a Church. I took my big backpack to my brother-in-laws police training graduation and left the camera and an extra lens. Sandy and I had our hands full of bags. Diaper bag, cooler bag with bottle, my purse, my camera bag, a bag for James’ dad (that I’ll not tell about, so as not to incriminate myself in a court of law). Plus twin 10yr old girls who were, while well behaved, very hyper and excited about the whole day. Plus a 5month old who could be described as moody and her carseat, blankets, PacifierS (stress on the plural). So anyway, after the ceremony everyone, including me, was snapping pictures left and right. Up on the stage, in front of the banner, in front of a plain wall, everywhere basically. I was using mine part of the time and Sandy’s part of the time because I was having a hard time dialing in on a good white balance and auto looked pretty bad on my Canon. Sandy’s seemed to be doing ok with it. What I think happened was that I set my stuff down for a minute to take a few shots with her camera. I had been carrying mine around with a basic 18-55 lens on it and a 75-300 in my hand in case I felt the need to zoom. (which I frequently do) I guess when we went to gathering all our crap important stuff up, I LEFT MY CAMERA! For those who know me, this is big!!! I am slightly obsessed with taking pictures, and I was quite fond of that camera.
OK. Now comes the even more confusing part that I can really only guess at. I didn’t need my camera for 1week and 2 days following the graduation, which may be a record. Seriously. I had my zipped up backpack right here at the house. The night before needing the camera I took an extra battery and put it on the charger. I keep them in the front pocket, so had still not opened the bag. The next day I unzipped the backpack to find only some accessories, a fixed 50 lens, and a wide angle. NO camera! It took me a couple of days of turning my house upside down looking for it, having Sandy and James check their car and house, and pouting to figure out where it might be. I then called the Church and spoke to a very nice lady who remembered the camera (that I described in detail) being turned in following the ceremony. She said they had locked it up and had planned to keep it for a week or so, then they were going to call PTI and turn it over to them since it was their grad. I thought “fantastic!” , I’ll just run to Champaign and get it this weekend. WRONG. The nice lady called me back to say she had checked with the lady who worked last week and that some guy had come in and said he left his camera in the building and they gave it to him. No questions were asked about what kind of camera it was, nothing. The woman apologized over and over, I told her it was fine, over and over while trying not to throw up! So, no favorite camera. Now, I just have to save up and wait to get a new one. I do not like to wait. It’s not really a strong suit of mine.
So, here are a few pictures to get me by until I UPGRADE! (which is, in my opinion, the only good side to this)                                  102_3432 Meet Micah James Tidwell
He already has a perfect little part in his hair thanks to Nana!
Paige, Reese, and Peyton Skype with cousins102_3430 yes, another of baby Micah, he’s such a cutie
My friends, Janet and Barbie and I went to see Daughtry at the Assembly Hall. He was great!DSC01871 DSC01896
Reese at 5 months with her AllyZabba blankies and her Easter basket from grandma Patexcellent8x10
blacknpink mamababy
Peyton, Paige and I went to the zoo with my friend Rachel and her little girl Ashlynn. It was a blast.IMG_4838edit

IMG_4850 Paige and Peyton jumping on the bridgeIMG_4864edit
IMG_4931 paige
IMG_4932 peyton
IMG_4894 twins, holding hands in line for the train. not being told to do so :)


Sandy said...

so sorry about the camera. such a big bummer. maybe it will get turned back in after all! I hadn't seen those last pics from the trip to the zoo, cute!

Jamie said...

I must have forgotten to send you the zoo pics. Will do that this weekend.

Also want to mention that Micah is only 1 day old in these shots. Still at the hospital even. He's not a tiny baby :)