Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Exciting things going on………..

There’s some big things going here behind the camera.  The bathroom is being completely redone, it’s almost finished. Thanks dad. I’ve painted Grandma’s room with Brittany’s help. (painted it yellow which happened to be Gee Gee’s LEAST favorite color…..not for that reason). It will hopefully soon be home for a foster child. I’ve been going through the steps for several months now. It’s a long process! Once this does happen, I’ll not be able to post pictures.  That is one of the no-no’s of the system. I will let you know some info, just no pics. Believe me, there will be plenty taken, just none posted.


Here are a few pictures of Reese and Cubbie taken this past weekend.  Reese is starting to smile and kick her feet. Cubbie’s a wild man!babyblueeyes reesesittingpretty

smilingreese yawnbaby

cryingbaby reeseincarseat



Sunday, January 10, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR…………..2010

I thought I’d share some pictures from New Years Eve. Not sure how you spent yours, but I spent mine with Sandy, Peyton, Paige, and Reese. Cubbie and I went up and stayed the night. I attempted to make snow pops for dessert. (click on mckmama’s link on the right for recipe and pics of how they should look). Turns out that if you add food coloring to white almond bark, it turns to stone immediately! Who knew? Certainly not me. She had hers all pretty and in different colors. Mine, once I was able to scrape the gunk from the mug, were white. Hers were able to stand up in a pretty vase, mine weren’t sized quite right and had to just stay on the wax paper.( don’t ask, it’s a funny story but there is just no way to make it sound good)  I’m sure MckMama’s snowpops were good, and I thought mine tasted great, even if they didn’t look quite the same.  Here are a few pics of the valiant attempt.dishesoncounter




Now for some pictures from our little party. The girls were very excited to watch the ball drop, even though they were disappointed that it didn’t drop into the crowd. :) They were slightly disgusted to watch Dick Clark and his wife kiss at midnight- truthfully it wasn’t a pretty sight!  Most of the evening was spent wearing hats from High School Musical the Ice Tour, and dancing. Then, they turned to jumping. Both girls thought it would be a good idea for me to make a book called “twins jumping”. Maybe I will…..  Reese didn’t dance. She did her own little version of “singing”, girls got chops.  She preferred eating, sleeping, and pooping the night away. She was definitely not happy to be swaddled up and not fed instantly.  Here are the pics………….

bothjumping twinsjump

peytongoesmichaeljackson flypaiger



reeseonpaige reeseswaddled Ipeytongoeshiphop jumppeytjump

paigejump6 shejump

paigeandella paigebeingpaige

peytonside peytoninpimphat


paigedancingwithartsupplies flipitpaiger

peytonhat1 peytonglidesacrossfloor


paigedance1 sandyraisestheroof footprints