Sunday, November 22, 2009


Baby girl, Reese Madelynn Snyder, was born this morning. She weighed in at 6lbs 12oz and 20” long.  She has great lungs! :)  Peyton and Paige were absolutely thrilled. They literally jumped up and down in the waiting room for 5 minutes. So, so cute to watch. They are already very protective of baby sister, especially Peyton. I thought she was gonna take out the nurse who was bathing her. Reese was crying when Peyton walked in and she had a small hissy fit asking what was wrong, what are you doing to her. She even told the R.N. that she was probably getting frostbite on her feet. (it was like 85 degrees in there) It was very sweet to see. Paige kept saying “I can’t believe I’m a big sister”, over and over and over and over again. They looked really cute with their Aunt Brittany french braided hair. Reese has just a little bit of red hair and blue eyes.  I know most babies have blue eyes when they’re born, but the big girlies didn’t. So, it was new for us. She does have some little thigh rolls and is already trying to stuff her entire hand in her mouth to suck on.  Sandy looks good. But, and this was hysterical!, Paige said “ I don’t get it, if she’s outta you why do you still have a big belly”!!! Best line of the day.  Keep us laughing girls.  James looks very comfortable in his new daddy role. Didn’t seem intimidated or hesitant at all. Here are just a few pics. Trust me, there will be MANY MORE to come.  :))IMG_2674

James had just texted us that little Reese was finally here. Think they’re happy or what??!!IMG_2680

Everyone checking out the newly texted 1st pictureIMG_2701 BABY FEET, NOTHING CUTER!IMG_2720

see, even included a picture of me….doesn’t happen oftenIMG_2724

Poppa, who spent the morning in his truck, gets his hands on Reese for the 1st timeIMG_2705

Grammy takes her turn.  She really needs to learn to show her emotions moreIMG_2735 Betsy has her for a quiet moment (didn’t last long, ha)IMG_2704

Peyton keeps a close eye on the nurse taking care of her babyIMG_2752 Paige gives her a kiss on the headIMG_2747

Brittany holds Reese up for the camera. I think she’s done this before ;)IMG_2794 IMG_2706

Grandma Pat keeps an eye on her 1st grandbabyIMG_2790

The girls team up on Reese MadelynnIMG_2761

Daddy kisses his girl. I am being very sisterly in NOT posting a picture of Sandy with her baby girl. I think she’ll appreciate that.



Fran R. said...

Love the post and the brown and pink. How perfect. Glad the birth is over and we have a healthy mom and baby.

Brittany said...

Ok, thanks for the tears. I've not teared up over this baby yet...until just now. I know I'm not really technically Reese's aunt but I FEEL like I am. I love her like I am. I love that baby girl just as much as I love her big sisters. I consider all of your family my own.

The last picture you posted, she looks soooooo much like her daddy. I LOVE her red hair. Such a cutie patootie!

As always, great job on the pics, Aunt Jame! I can't wait to see all of your creative pictures of this little dolly! I know they'll be awesome!

Sandy said...

good picture choices. I love the Christmas background.