Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Alrighty, pretty much up to date now

So, you’ve almost made it. You can see the end now.  Only a few remaining pictures and stories to go. You’ve done it. Give yourself a pat on the back.  Now, back to business….I did get to go over to Lake of the Woods at Mahomet with Brittany and the gang for a few quick pictures. Her kids are pretty easy to get shots of. They are all so cute. Yep, Lauren, cute. You may be taller than me, and Brookelyn may be getting close, but still cute ;)  It’s a very pretty park, I hadn’t been before. We were kind of short on time, but got some good pictures anyway. I won’t mention my near mind-numbing car sickness on the way home…….or I won’t mention it again. Here are just a couple from that day.

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Fran R. said...

Good pics. Sorry about the unmentionable car sickness.