Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Double Time People, Keep Up

October in Illinois…..Football.  Moving right along, basketball is here!! Fine, back to football. I did get to go to Memorial Stadium for a game with Elijah and Peyton. It was their 1st time at a college game and both were excited. I was excited to watch them enjoy EVERYTHING. They loved all of it except for the cold temps during the 1st half. I loved seeing the basketball team. They loved the band. I pretended The Chief was still there and tried to explain where and when he would have come out of the band and which kicks and stuff he’d have been doing. Peyton had us losing the game at the end of the 1st quarter (so did I), Elijah had hope until about 2 minutes to go in the 4th quarter. Gotta love that! They liked looking for the Mich St mascot “Sparty”, I liked looking at the Assembly Hall across the street. They loved riding the shuttle bus, ok I loved riding the shuttle bus. They were great, well behaved, cute, enthusiastic. I had a really fun time with them. We’ll have to go again guys :))

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