Thursday, November 29, 2012

The "Live" Months

We're in what I call the "live" months, leading up to D-Day. I'm not sure that this is completely normal. I do know that the holidays are hard. Survival. That's it. That's all I have, no extra. What would it be like to have an energetic 2 year old running around? What would I get him for Christmas? How cute would he look in Christmas jammies? The live months bring lots of unanswered questions. Some aren't really important maybe, but they're still in my head with all the others.

Remember, that this is not The Most Wonderful Time of the Year for a lot of people. Not everyone is cheery and bright. Be patient, be understanding, be compassionate.

Christmas pictures from 2010. My photographer friend Rachel took the pics right around Thanksgiving of a 2 month old Sully. They will be forever cherished.
Our only Christmas together was spent in the hospital. Sully had human metapneumovirus, hMPV. It was a nasty, scary respiratory virus that landed us at Carle for 3 days. The Dr surprised us by releasing us on Christmas night. We had been told it would be another day or 2. She said he needed to stay home for the entire following week. So, I ended up being home with him the week between Christmas and New Years. This was a gift. He only lived 11 days into the new year. I'll post a few pics in a minute.

Sandy found 3 pictures of Sully on her camera's internal memory last week. 3 never before seen pictures!! This is huge when you have a finite number of images, when there are no more new ones. She took them November 15, 2010 at her house. In them, Sully is sitting in Reese's bouncy seat.
Ok, so blogger is being a pain tonight. It took me 20 minutes to get one picture to upload. I'll try again in a day or two. For now, feast your eyes on the delicious chubbiness of these cheeks.
I could gobble him up!

December 23-25 2010. Not exactly how I'd planned our 1st Christmas. Yet, so grateful to have him!Yes, these pictures are all kinds of out of order. :-)

Merry Christmas, Sullivan Conner!