Thursday, September 27, 2012

I Survived, with pictures

Ok. I survived Sully's 2nd birthday. It always surprises me a little when I make it through one of the 'Big' days. I know that I don't make it through on my own. Prayers work people! God is bigger than the 'Big' days. Sometimes it's hard to remember that when you're in the trenches. I'm working on it. Still.

September 19th, Sully's actual bday, I flew to Florida. Navarre Beach, FL. It was the right thing for me. It was exactly what I needed in that moment. The beauty of God's creation all around me. The weather was absolutely perfect, not a drop of rain. White sand beaches, blue skies, puffy white clouds and butterflies  everywhere surrounded me.  I'm not going to lie, I had my moments, but here I am, still alive.

I swam in the salty waters letting wave after wave wash over me. I love waves. I sat on the white sand in the evenings. ( I. Am. Pale. beaches were saved for after 4pm or before 10am)   I went to Fort Pickens and Pensacola Beach. On Thursday, I went on a Sunset Dolphin Cruise that rocked! This time I actually saw dolphins unlike my last dolphin cruise. Friday I went to The Butterfly House in Navarre. It was closed, bummer, but outside...amazing. Flowers abounded with butterflies all over the place. I grabbed my camera and clicked away til I noticed I was literally dripping with sweat. It was the middle of the day, and I was sure I would be totally fried. The spf 50 and 75 I put on did their jobs and kept the red away. I set the camera up for some macro work....and it worked. Great detail with blurry backgrounds without editing. Now, edit I did, just not for the blurriness. I like lots of contrast and lots of color. 

I took 2 cameras on this trip.  My Canon and a new tiny point and shoot Cybershot. It is waterproof and sandproof and dustproof. Sometimes it's nice to have a little camera that you can just throw in your purse. I took a ton of pics with it. Looked at them several times on the camera. I forgot the cord to download the pics to my computer. Friday morning I turned on the camera to take another look at the dolphin pics from the night before and got an error message. Turns out bad microsd card. ALL pictures are gone! Thankfully I still have everything taken with the big camera. Bummer though, looked like there were some good ones.  Alright, enough babbling. All this to say thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I made it through some really hard days and nights. Now some pictures.


Beth said...

What gorgeous photos! And what a lovely way to celebrate sweet Sully's birthday.

Laurie and company said...

I feel so stupid...I hadn't realized you have been blogging...

forgive me, friend.
catching up now.

God bless you.

Jamie said...

No problem, Laurie! I don't really publicize. Makes it easier to be honest when I don't think certain people are reading. Is that horrible? I don't remember writing any of this and that kind of freaks me out! Looney bin here I come!