Monday, December 10, 2012

The Fam

Thought I'd post a few of the pics I took of Sandy, James, Peyton, Paige, and Reese. The twins are 12 1/2 and Reese just turned 3. Hard to believe!


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Sarah said...

Hi Jamie. Hopped over to your blog from Kelle Hampton's and had to leave a comment. Your sweet Sully was absolutely beautiful boy. I know this won't help in your journey to find peace with his passing, but my son was born just one day after Sully passed. The circle of life is a powerful thing that we will never fully understand. Sully sounds like a wonderful baby as was Drew is. Perhaps his happy spirit was passed along? I hope you have a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year and know that I'll be thinking of you this coming Jan 11th.