Thursday, August 8, 2013

Total Craziness of September 21, 2010

So, with inspiration from Lori, a bloggin' babyloss mama friend, (I'd insert a link, but I don't know how) I decided to write down some of the crazy events of September 21, 2010. The day I brought 2 day old Sully home. 
    I had worked all day, then got home and changed into pajama bottoms and a t-shirt. Yes, that's right 5 pm and already in pj's. That's how I roll 😏. Now, understand that I was on a list to foster-to-adopt list and had been for several months. I'd gone to weeks of classes, done the homework, filled out tons and tons of paper work, had a home visit, and been fingerprinted. It's not a short process. It is very detailed. Then, when finished, you wait. And wait, and wait. So, that Tuesday I wasn't really expecting to get "the" call. When everything first went through, I did sit kind of expectantly. After a while you go back to your regular life. Pj's at 5. 
    Around 6 something the phone rang. A voice on the other end said we have a 2 day old boy, are you interested. Ummm, yeah. I've been waiting my Entire life to be a mama! Literally. It's the only thing I've really ever wanted. In the classes they give you a list of questions to ask when the call comes in. To help you quickly determine if the baby/child is a good match. I. Asked. Nothing. Not one question. I honestly think I loved this baby from the second I knew he existed. I told her absolutely yes, and agreed to go pick him up. 
    This is where I turn into a maniac. Seriously crazy lunatic. I made a couple phone calls while I was trying to get dressed. Rambling, nonsensical calls. During this time, I was trying to find a pair of jeans to throw on. I could find nothing, nada. I was nuts! Throwing things around my closet. Hunting, searching. I could not find a single pair of jeans. So I threw on a pair of khaki capris. Next I start looking for a shirt. 3 or 4 shirts I put on and discarded onto the floor. I decide on a pink Illini t-shirt! What??!!  So, the best outfit (term used loosely!) I could put together was khakis and a tshirt with CROCS. I didn't put on any makeup. I didn't run a brush through my hair. I didn't brush my teeth. Nothing. It's a miracle they let me leave the building with that beautiful boy!
    Now, when I began this whole process I bought a convertible carseat. I didn't know exactly how old the baby would be, so I thought this was the smartest move. I have installed TONS of carseats. Tons. Infant carriers, forward facing convertibles, boosters. All of them. I had never, ever, ever put in a convertible REAR facing carseat. So, I'm out in the garage, in the backseat, trying my best with about 1/4 brain function. I tried and tried and tried. I called my sister, who hadn't seen the seat. I have it my best shot. And it was an air ball! Complete disaster. Completely wrong. It's hot in the garage and now I'm sweating in my khaki capris and pink tshirt. Nice. I got the seat in the best I could and decide to just go with it. Yeah. I was only going about 8-10 minutes away and I decide to drive 20mph on the way home. 
    I fairly flew to pick up MY baby!  Holy cow, I was going to get to be a mama! Can you say emotional?! I got there, the people were wonderful. Thankfully they looked passed the crazy. The moment they placed that sweet baby in my arms was life changing. Never had I felt such love. Instantaneously, completely head over heals in love with 6 lbs 1/2 oz, 17 3/4 inches of baby boy. After about 45 minutes I got to bring my guy home. This meant placing him in a nearly upright convertible carseat that wasn't installed correctly. Talk about praying continuously on the short drive home! Thank you, Jesus for this boy followed by please God, get us home safely!
    Home. Safe. In total shock! I'm not even sure I was blinking at that point! I'm going to post a couple pictures from that night. Look at them knowing that I was a little crazy and completely in shock, because they aren't pretty. Ha! 


Facets of Life said...

This gave me crazy chill bumps Mama! :))) Love it! <3 <3 <3 Made ME smileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! XO!

Jamie Reese said...

Thanks, Lori! For the comment and the inspiration. ❤

Sandy said...

Cracked me up! I remember that call!

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