Monday, September 9, 2013

Summer Catch-Up

   It's September......September 9th, 10 days until Sully's 3rd birthday in heaven. I think I'm going to just let that be for a while. I'll come back to it in the next post. For now, I'm going to hit the highlights of a busy summer. 
   This past July I went to Church camp. Ok, Peyton and Paige went to camp, inSchroon Lake, NY. That is a lonnggg way from Illinois, especially since they just turned 13 in February. Sandy decided it was a little far to send them on their own. So San, Reese, and I drove to upstate NY to spend a week at Word of Life. The kids camp is on a little island in the middle of Schroon Lake. We stayed in a cabin/chalet A-frame like housing thingy. 

 This is actually the one we were in. There are 3 separate units in it. I was on the upper level, Sandy and Reesie were on the bottom right. They were actually quite nice. They were air conditioned and had full baths and wifi. On the WOL Inn grounds, there was a dining hall, indoor swimming pool, Church, playground, daycare, tennis courts, all kinds of activities. Most everything was included with your week reservation. Pretty cool setup. 

 Sandy is sitting in the adirondack chair to the right. An adirondack chair in the adirondacks. 

We got to see the girls several times throughout the week. They participated in several things for TI (teens involved). They were in quizzing, drama, and choir. Paige was also in praise team and sang a duet with her friend Katie. They both did fantastic! Their Jr High drama took 1st place! We even got to ferry over to the island to see their cabin and some of the cool stuff they were getting to do. If you know me, you know that I. Love. The. Water. On it, in it, next to it, doesn't matter. I also have very little will power when it comes to water. I've been know to jump in fully clothed, or wade in, whatever I have to do to get in that water! 
   Reese was able to go a few hours a day to the daycare where they had a little vbs going on for family week. She had several friends from her home church who were also there. That definitely helped. She's 3 1/2. We drove from IL to NY. That's a long haul for a 3 yr old! She was happy to be on the playground with her friends. There's just not enough space to tell you all we did during the 8 days we were gone. I was able to go to Lake Placid one day and tour some of the Olympic sites. That was totally awesome. I get Real "into" the Olympics! We saw the ice where The Miracle on Ice actually happened. We also saw the ice where one of my all time favorite skaters Sergei  Grinkov died. I'll admit I had a moment. The town itself is great. Little shops and restaurants all over the place, cobblestone walkways, amazing churches around a little lake. 
   The 3 of us left a day before the big girls and went to Niagara Falls. Holy cow people! Get there some day if you can! It was amazing! The power and speed of the water was just ridiculous. I would like to say that Reese was excellent on the way home! Seriously! 




 They were happy to see each other! There were tears from their mama and I. 










 A sailboat ride for the 1st time ever! I'm used to wakeboard boats, this was totally different. It was the most relaxing part of the entire week. I loved it!!






 We got pretty wet riding the Maid of the Mist out to the falls! I highly recommend it. It was an unbelievable visual of God's power!



 Totally out of order, I know. I didn't take this one, but I love pics with both the girls. There were two teams on the island, red and blue. Guess which team P&P were on. 😀

So, I've decided that this post is entirely too long! Sorry 'bout that. I think I'll stop for now and come back to Women of Faith in a few days. 

It''s still September. I always hope to wake up and it be October. 

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