Sunday, February 22, 2009

Peyton and Paige meet Cubbie


O.K., so you might as well get used to seeing a lot of Cubbie. Pictures, it’s what I do. Today, Peyton and Paige met Cubbie for the 1st time. They came in the door squealing with glee before they’d even seen him. Then, they started talking in puppy talk to him. He was a little scared at first, but all the books say that now is the best time to socialize. Expose them to all kinds of people and sounds. Here’s a couple pictures of how the meet and greet went.

IMG_7255 IMG_7258




IMG_7240 IMG_7241


Fran R. said...

Peyton says,"Cubbie is a cutie"..Paige says,"she wants to eat him up with love". I'm anxious for Ellie Mae and Jackson to meet their new cousin Cubbie. Hope he sleeps tonight, Jamie.

Anonymous said...

Hello Cubbie, Love Aunt Marsh!

Jamie said...

hi aunt marsh! can't wait to meet you, cubbie