Friday, February 13, 2009


Lydia, Brooke, and I went to the Indy Home Show at the fairgrounds last week. We went mainly to see Kate Gosselin from Jon and Kate plus 8.  We watch the show and were pretty excited. We left work at 5 and headed for Indy. Nothing like driving at 5pm on a work day! Not the same as driving in Fairmount, or even Danville. We got there and had a little excitement trying to pay to park. I had moved my money from one pocket to another in a purse full of pockets. It didn't go well. I forgot I'd moved things around and started rifling through pockets. I flipped back the purse and of course one of the pockets wasn't zipped, so change started flying everywhere. Brooke was doubled over in the passenger seat trying not to laugh. Lydia was making suggestions. I start grabbing papers, change,etc. and throwing them Brookes direction, which makes the change start flying again. Eventually I find a $10 and thrust it out the window to the not-amused man standing in 15 degree weather. When I wasn't looking he tossed the parking thingy onto the dash which also confused me. Then we pull away. Everyone pretty much loses it at that point.

I'd like to say it got better from then, but that wouldn't be exactly true. We're driving thru the fairgrounds searching for a parking spot less than a mile away from the Western Pavilion. Brooke spots one, I turn down an aisle only to find very faint blue paint. Handicap spot. Shoot. I start to back up, Lydia screeches from the back seat. (yes Lydia, you did) She thinks I should have backed all the way to the main road. I was backing just enough to drive thru the spot and out the other side. So, we make a couple turns and end up in an aisle that isn't exactly straight. There were big snow mounds everywhere from the plows. I end up backing into a spot and sticking half way out. Good Enough!!

We walk through the cars to the pavilion where we think there will  be some kind of auditorium for Kate's talk. WRONG. They just have her shoved to the back of the room with something like 50 folding chairs. 50? seriously? There were more like 500 people there wanting to see her! Now for those of you who don't know me, I am 4'10 1/2" tall. Now I'm standing in a huge crowd staring at the back of everyone. I could lean one way and see the door she was to enter through until that little redhead moved in front of me. Lydia becomes she-woman and pushes her way through the crowd where she can get a better view. I DO NOT LIKE CLOSED IN SPACES!!!!! Brooke and I didn't follow Xena (lydia). Kate came in and started telling some of the stories that were in her book. I got the book for Christmas and had read it. So I knew most of the stories. Still it was exciting.  I mean Kate and I have a lot in common. You know, if you discount the husband. And the twins. And the septuplets. And the tv show. And the book. See we're practically the same person!

So, Lydia weaves her way back to us and we shove our cameras her way. She once again marches ahead. She got some really good pictures considering the size of the crowd. Thanks Xena!!


Check out those heels. I’d kill myself in those things!


I really like that range hood.

IMG_7186 Kate from the side


Fran R. said...

u r a riot. have u ever considered doing stand-up (Imean Christian kind like Chandra)? Maybe u could take pictures and have them in the background while u make everybody laugh!!!!!

Jamie said...

I do so well in front of people, that's probably a great idea. NOT!!! You know I hate speaking things

Sandy said...

Couldnt you have managed the back of her hair..I could care less about her, I don't watch her show, and from what I have heard she is mean to her husband. However, I would have liked to see the back of her was super cute! I also would like a look at her belly..I know about twin skin..can't imagine what hers looks like!