Sunday, November 23, 2008

Piano Recital

This afternoon I got to go to the girls' very 1st piano recital. They seemed to handle it great. Sandy was blotchy and I was ready to throw up before I even got there. They did an EXCELLENT job!! Lauren was in the recital also. She is really, really good. Every child involved did fantastic. Seriously. I'd have never had the guts to get up there!!!! The only hitch, and totally hilarious moment was when Paige, Mom, and Peyton went for their curtsy and knocked over a small Christmas tree. The look on the girls' face is hysterical! Eventually I'll post some of the video from today, but right now I don't know how :) So, here are a few pictures.


Sandy said...

cute pics! The one of them with the tree going over is awesome! I love how you caught Gee Gee with a facial expression, I guess she enjoyed the recital.

Jamie said...

She loved the recital. She said the little boy in front of her had a beautifully shaped head. Always a beautician. If you click on the one with the tree to blow it up, the girls expressions is a riot!!Mom says she'll never live that down.

Grammy Reese said...

Yeah, that tree incident was bad news. I'm surprised the girls even spoke to me after that one. But, boy was it a privilege to be a part of their first recital. I told them how I remember mine own, with my yellow dress and banana curls. At a later recital, I forgot some of the piece and made the rest up. No one knew but the teacher. She was NOT happy!!