Thursday, October 23, 2008


SAVE KICKAPOO.The state is trying to shut down one of my favorite state parks. I love driving through and stopping to check out the deer at Kickapoo. If you're asked to sign a petition, do it. Here's a few recent pictures from there. If you've never been, you must be a hoosier :)


Brittany said...

You have my permission to post pics of my kids, if you ever want to. You did a great job w/ the pictures. These are great ones too.

I got a polaroid 10.0mp today! I'm so excited about it. I'll never be as good as you are, but it's fun to have a nicer camera than I had anyway. Happy Birthday to me!

Grammy Reese said...

Jamie, the advocate. Maybe you should run for political office. Seriously, I totally agree with saving Kickapoo. And, I have signed a petition. Mom