Wednesday, October 15, 2008

James' 1st Birthday with crazy in-laws!

10-8-08 was James' birthday. This marked his first with our kooky clan! His mom Pat was there along with mom, dad, Peyton, Paige, San (of course...that'da been weird), and me. I have no idea what he was expecting, but I'm sure it was "livelier" than most. The girls were VERY excited! :) Well, happy b-day James. Hope you enjoyed charades and ice cream cake. You are officially in the fam now.

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Grammy Reese said...

Welcome James. And, maybe, we won't sing next time, which I noticed may have annoyed you a bit!!! Charades were fun. Especially when they are for kids and I don't have to deep think to come up with something. Good pics of Jamie's. We can always count on that. Happy B-Day, James.