Saturday, March 23, 2013

Niece Love

  I have 3 nieces. Peyton and Paige are newly 13 year old twins who were born at 28 weeks. They taught me how fragile life is with 9 weeks in the NICU. 2lbs 5 1/2oz and 2lbs 6oz. Tiny, tiny little girls who fought to survive. Not every baby survives. Period. Some don't survive the pregnancy. Some don't survive the birth. Some don't survive the 1st year. Some don't survive cancer or CHD. Life. Is. Fragile. It is not to be taken for granted. Reese. Oh, my Reese. :-)  She is full of life. A 3 year old with a huge personality. She was born 1 day before her due date. A fact that still amazes me. Instantly, her big sisters were fierce protectors. Peyton even yelled at the nurse who was cleaning her up. Told her she would probably get frost bite. She was under the heat lamps and it was 500 degrees. Peyton is a super athlete. She loves basketball and reading and video games. Paige is very artistic and has worked in nearly every medium possible. Both girls love music and both play piano. Paige is taking guitar lessons, while Peyton is in drum classes. Reese loves Merida from Brave. (she doesn't even need a red wig) She likes The Wiggles and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She is obsessed with an old cell phone, and has to have it to sleep. She also loves her AllyZabba from her Aunt Jame.

Peyton and Paige at Teens Involved

Paige's Artwork on display at the Danville Art League

Paige LOVES to plank. Crazy girl :-)

Peyton playing basketball for an all-star team

I love this pic of Paige. Totally her own style

Reese playing dress up.

All personality!

Merida :-)


Paige said...

Amazing! I know a lady who had twin boys at 24 weeks gestation. Unfortunately one of them passed away after almost a month here on earth, but the other twin is 3 years old now! He has some developmental problems, as well as some other things, but he is just the cutest little guy ever! My mom is a NICU nurse and some of her patient's parents still update her on how they are doing and it never ceases to amaze me that she has saved so many lives over the past 22 years :-)

Jamie Reese said...

I'm sorry that I'm just now replying. I JUST got the email! Crazy blogger! I love that your moms a NICU nurse. They are some of the most compassionate, hardworking people I know. So sad about the little guy who passed away. I can't imagine bringing only one of the girls home