Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Exciting things going on………..

There’s some big things going here behind the camera.  The bathroom is being completely redone, it’s almost finished. Thanks dad. I’ve painted Grandma’s room with Brittany’s help. (painted it yellow which happened to be Gee Gee’s LEAST favorite color…..not for that reason). It will hopefully soon be home for a foster child. I’ve been going through the steps for several months now. It’s a long process! Once this does happen, I’ll not be able to post pictures.  That is one of the no-no’s of the system. I will let you know some info, just no pics. Believe me, there will be plenty taken, just none posted.

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Fran R. said...

What a lovely post. We are very excited about this next step in your life, and back you all the way. Glad you like the redecorations. You know GeeGee, if you colored her hair yellow, she would have said, "that looks nice, Jamie"!