Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Presents and diplomas

I had another birthday last week. It seems like they are getting closer together! I got some great stuff from Sandy & Peyton & James & Paige


Paiger made this at art camp and gave it to me. It now hangs in the kitchen. I don’t care if it matches anything or not, IT STAYS!IMG_0957 This, of course, is an angel kitty. It STAYS


It’s true people! Cubbie has graduated from level one of dog obedience school!! I know, I know, I’m shocked too. I woulda thought the near gnawing off of my hand would have DQ’d him, but no, he did pass.  Here are a few recent pictures of devil dog Cubbie. His summer haircut is finally starting to grow out. I like it a little longer.IMG_0958

Here, he’s showing off his let go/ drop it. Or not…IMG_0977


IMG_0961 Here, he’s just being adorable. What’s a few scars and a little bleeding?...


Fran R. said...

Cute blog..... Oh, yeah, Julie M. called while you were gone. I forgot to tell you. You need a more reliable secretary than ole' Mom.

Brittany said...

I like the fish she made. I didn't get to see hers. I'd keep it too. It's good that she gave it to you. Nathan likes to tear things like that up and it's probably more safe at your house on the wall.

Happy Belated Birthday!

Sandy said...

glad that you are displaying the artwork!