Thursday, June 11, 2009

1st Swim Meet

Here are a few pics from the girls 1st meetIMG_8476 Peyton IMG_8477 PaigeIMG_8551 LaurenIMG_8474 BrookelynIMG_8488 Peyton-backstrokeIMG_8529 Paiger dives inIMG_8498 Lauren-backstrokeIMG_8561 BrookeIMG_8490 Little Sandy :)IMG_8513 Peyton

IMG_8502I don’t technically know this little girl, but I love this picture. She’s a little doll.      IMG_8625 Peyton and SandyIMG_8624 Paige n San blurry, sorryIMG_8631 LaurenIMG_8480 Brooke


CUBBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH, CUBBIE IMG_8472


Fran R. said...

Good job, Aunt Jamie. I was trying to get some of those pics on my blog but, alas, I cannot. Still computer illeterate after all this time. When I do get a picture it is a big surprise to me and everyone else. As I write, Last but not least Cubbie is lying at my feet. Seems tired today. Too much running around yesterday, I guess. He's just a few months old, you know. Have a good day. Mom

Brittany said...

AWESOME pictures, as usual, Jamie! Thanks for being so quick to send them. Of course, I was asked several times, if you had yet. hehe! They love looking at them as much as I do! You did an awesome job!