Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fair Oaks Dairy Farm


This past Saturday Julie, Kylie, Peyton, Paige, and I went to the Fair Oaks Dairy Farm. www.fofarms.com

It was great! If you haven’t been, plan a day trip. It’s got something for every age. We went thru DACC and rode the “short bus” up. The 5 of us got to hook fake cows up to milking machines, watch a 3D/4D movie, see a calf born, and eat an excellent lunch. I should point out that the lunch was not the calf. We just postponed lunch until after watching the calving. They had to pull the calf, and I was a little scared at what the 3 girls would think of this. There’s this mama cow behind a picture window laying on some hay with a lady farmer helping her out. It really couldn’t have been much more graphic. Paige said “look that calf is saying get me outta here”, Peyton said “ahhh, poor mama”. If you know the girls then you know how this fits their personalities. Here’s a few pics from our windy day.IMG_7483 - Copy

Paige and Peyton on the bus getting ready to pull out of DACC


IMG_7488 Paige playing with my phoneIMG_7486 Peyton plays with her DSLite

IMG_7506 IMG_7496

This is the twins with Kylie, my friend Julie’s almost 11 yr old!IMG_7507 Kylie and Julie ( no wonder she’s tall :))IMG_7510 at the movies

IMG_7503 milking timeIMG_7516IMG_7519 on the way to the birthing barn

  IMG_7526watching the cows labor, at least you won’t be lying in a haybed with a crowd watching, San

IMG_7633 IMG_7536 being cleaned up for pics

IMG_7558 milking timeIMG_7551 girls are kept for 80 days

IMG_7647 built in jumperIMG_7646

IMG_7650 IMG_7651

IMG_7671 Kylie

IMG_7667 IMG_7666

Peyton and Paige up against a wallIMG_7681

IMG_7684 Kylie

IMG_7687 Peyton in the windIMG_7688 IMG_7689



Julie said...

Hey Jame - Great pictures! I like the close up of Kylie's freckles; although she disagrees. Let me know when you're ready to go back- we're game! Julie

Fran R. said...

Great post and great pics of the kids. Where were you, Auntie Jame? Hiding behind the camera???? The twins had a fab time. And so many have been to this place before. I, myself, have never heard of it til now. Glad you went. Mom