Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cubbie gets a haircut

O.K., so there will be new pictures eventually. Dad came over the other day and tidied up the cords cause the Cubster is a chewer, and now I can’t find the usb that connects the camera to the computer. Sorry. He does look like a different puppy now. Who knew he had a nose. I expected it to be a pug nose like Ella’s or, you know a pug, but nope, he’s got more of a poodle nose. Pictures soon. J


Fran R. said...

Well, I know what he looks like with the hair cut, but why no picture? Are you slippin'?

Jamie said...

Ask dad what he did with the usb cable, and I'll post away

Anonymous said...

Hello Jame, just checking to see if the pics have been posted luck with the cable huh?Marsh