Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Live from Busch Gardens

Um, I got kinda lost in pictureland, and this 1st picture is from my hotel room balcony at sunset. Sorry


Brittany said...

You're so talented. I love to look at your pictures. I hope you enjoyed your trip and look forward to your stories from your adventure. Your traveling is never dull.

Sandy said...

love the animal shots

Jamie said...

It was fun getting up close and personal with the giraffe. I had a couple of "did I really think this through" moments when Cupid started coming closer kind of fast, then bent down right in my face! Then I reached out to pet him and was a goner. Spelled right?? Not sure right now. Then the tigers were gorgeous and were kinda strutting their stuff. One of the white tigers, w/ blue eyes, kept playing like a kitten. They were pretty cute.

Brittany said...

You tend to get into those "Did I think this through" moments with animals, don't you? Remember the horse at the zoo?!? lol! yikes!
You have some mad photo skills.

Jamie said...

Of course I remember the horse!! But, I was getting that picture. Trying to get the kids off the fence while smiling for the camera and the horse biting my arm aren't easily forgotten! Ha